Wednesday, October 2, 2013


It feels like a lifetime since I have posted...and in some ways it feels as if I indeed lived another life in the time that has lapsed. This past year has been so full of change that I scarcely know where to start, what to write or if anyone indeed cares (about the blogging part that is). I do know however it is time to simply post something and start anew.

Last year I was worried about my upcoming 'empty nest' and the possibility of being bored, it seems that it was unnecessary worry since the opposite has taken place.

 In January Josh came home to heal, his journey has been long and although we are not there yet I see change...and I am grateful. His bed is still in our living room and the house is crowded but God has been gracious and walked us through this change.

 In May Tiffani and Austin moved into an apartment on the second floor of our building. I love having them close. Along with the extra hugs and cuddles also comes some help in the 'daycare' department...who knew I would once again be getting little feet ready for school or picking up a 'starving' child after a long day of learning. Although this has made my busy life a wee bit busier I relish this special time of bonding with my little man and being able to help his mommy during this time in her life.

Jordan has started his third year of college and continues to bless me with his generous heart and willingness to adapt to our ever changing dynamics. As he grows so do his relationships and we are now blessed to have a wonderful girl be part of our everyday life.

After much consideration I also decided it was time to change churches. I am grateful that God showed me a fantastic little church that celebrates cultural differences and I feel at home there.

Last month came the biggest change of all, after 12 years I decided to leave my job at House of James to take on a new challenge. An opportunity came up to manage the Ten Thousand Villages store in Langley and after much consideration I decided the move would be a good one. Working there is much different that what I am used to but having an opportunity to get behind fair trade and the amazing effect that it has on peoples lives was just to good to pass up!

Change is rarely easy, it often comes with discomfort...but it also is an opportunity to be better, to grow and to I choose to embrace all the changes.