Thursday, November 25, 2010


The last few weeks have been filled with emotion and change...good and bad.

Gallery 7 has started off on a great note. Peter Pan had a sell out weekend and the show is amazing, we have some great talent in this town and I am proud to be a part of it...not on the creative side but someone has to do the behind the scenes type of stuff. I am fortunate to work with some great people who I get to call friends...that is important to me. Although it is a lot of work at times, there is also a lot of laughter and I love it!!

Work had been quite stressful as we change our operating system...crazy at this time of year, perhaps but quite necessary. Unfortunately it has been kicking me in the has some really great features but for my job it seems to be much more convoluted, it requires much more work and way more key strokes to do the job. I have been very frustrated as I am unable to do the job I have spent at least 8 years learning to do...up until last week I did it well....this is a hard pill to swallow. Add to that the fact that my very good friend, someone I have grown to love, is leaving and...well it kind of sucks. Now do not get me wrong, the reason behind the departure is one of great joy and happiness...a miracle in the making and I am thrilled for her. A beautiful little man (well I think it will be a boy) is about to make an entrance!! That said there is still sadness, you see I have gotten used to seeing her beautiful smile at least 4 days a week. Combine that with the chaos that is our job environment right now and I feel we have not been able to give her a proper good bye...oops, I mean 'see you later '. My friend if you read this, know how valuable you are in the cog that keeps us running, I shall miss your smile, creativity, organization and lists!! You are going to make a wonderful mommy and that little bundle has started his live extremely blessed!!!

Changes....most times I love them but it seems as though they are coming in rapid succession right now and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by them....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


If truth be told, today I feel like crap!Picture this, I am sitting home wondering about what kind of things my old (pre-married) life may have held for me and how that would change my life and quite frankly with the mini fever I am enduring this was going to turn into a pity party in a hurry.

I realized I had not written for a very long time, so I thought I should get my act together and write something and since I have a very small following (thanks Kim & Cyndy) I knew I could just write whatever I was feeling and go to bed.....and then I saw my last post.

Yup, life is so often about perspective. Last time I wrote it was about some amazing friend, of which I still have but today I somehow feel tired and lonely....I still have my great friends, I still have a job and I still love my kids so what is with the feeling of discontent?? I am hoping it is in part the way I am feeling physically and not an indicator of my mental health. That said I think I shall head to bed and spend some time praying that God removes this cranky mood so that I can get on with my week. I wonder sometimes how much a personality transplant would cost...hmmm...I think I will research that another day.